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Nuns at Montivilliers during Renbaudus’ childhood

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Wasca, daughter of Rainier, when she became a nun between 1066-1076, gave 5 arpents of vineyard and land at Longueville with the agreement of her brother Hilduin.

Wimer, wife of Ansfrey the Senechal, gave the fief of Ectot.

Hadvise, gave half the land of O with the church and tithes (before 1050?).

Clara, cousin of William, gave the land she held at Le Vauvray.

Adela, wife of Gerald Boctoy, gave her own land of Beaumont.

Rohaise became a nun and her father Ralph gave some land from Vitreville.

Benselina became a nun and gave a possessions in Salmonville. Her husband, Ralph Giffard gave the church of Bellefosse and the tithe, plus 12 acres of land the abbess purchased.

Advenia, daughter of Teobald (Teobald, brother of Robert of Epouville??)