Quis Sum?

As a fan of medieval History and especially the First Crusade, I decided to create a blog and a videoblog documenting the life of a young Norman knight, Renbaudus of Bernay. Everything said on this website is through Renbaudus eyes and how I think people were behaving at the end of the 11th century in Europe.

Through research, his childhood memories were discovered. Children were not different than now!

Even though I wanted to be as close as possible to the behavior of a knight at that time, I have taken some freedom and I know I made contextual mistakes. Please don’t send a mail to tell me that people in Normandy or elsewhere couldn’t speak modern English with a French accent. I wanted the story to be understandable but I purposely made it more obscure by throwing in some Latin (makes it look more mysterious, ask Dan Brown!) The expressions and names are mostly based on the Gesta Francorum. Otherwise if you find an obvious mistake, let me know and I’ll get you some land in Terra Sancta.

Also a reminder for the laid back ones. Even though I am enjoying researching the life of Renbaudus, the information provided here is not guaranteed to be accurate (even your History teacher cannot make that claim!) and shouldn’t be used in research projects, exams or tests. You go study!